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Want to create a high energy, high performing team?

I can help and your team to work more effectively together to deliver great results. My work with teams is specifically developed to achieve agreed outcomes. It can be about bringing together a new team or working with an established team, considering a new challenge or taking a fresh look at an existing problem. This is easier to achieve by taking time out of your normal working environment, where I can encourage your team to share views and develop a way forward. I use a range of tools to help teams to explore how to work effectively together, with other teams, with their stakeholders and their customers.

Any session I run with your team will be engaging and interactive, using a mix of individual reflection, activities and group discussion to maximise participants’ learning. Here are just some examples of how I might help:

  • Getting a newly formed team off to the best possible start

  • Learning how to become a high performing team

  • Recognising and getting the most from individuals' strengths and differences

  • Understanding team role preferences and ensuring everyone is able to make their best contribution to team

  • Agreeing shared values for the team and exploring how well these fit with the culture of your organisation

  • Helping your team to respond better to new situations and inevitable changes

  • Becoming more resilient and better able to cope with stress

  • Planning how to deliver a specific project or piece of work

  • Reviewing a project or piece of work

  • Working on developing a particular skill as a team, e.g. time management








Team Development Tools

I am accredited to use a range of tools which can provide a useful information and insights to help a team's development journey, including:

Team Management Profile

Team Management Profile image The more you know about the group, the easier it is to build and develop strong teams. This profile offers an easy-to-use framework to help fast track
relationships and accelerate high performance. It focuses on strengths and brings a shared view of how best to work together.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Step 2

MBTI Step 2 image Provides powerful, in-depth insights about the unique way team members personally express their preferences. Allows the team to focus on how idnividually and collectively they communicate, make decisions, deal with change and manage conflict.

Window on Work Values

Window on Work Values image For teamwork to be effective, we need to understand individual working values as these influence motivation and the way people work. This profile offers important insights into how things actually get done in your organisation, helping you gain better understanding of how people operate together as a team.

Team Performance Profile

A rich multi-rater instrument giving feedback to the whole team from its own members and those it works with. The profile provides a detailed mini-audit of how everyone thinks the team is doing in relation to a powerful, fully researched model of team effectiveness,